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There are so many materials to choose from, almost making things too difficult to decide. Here at Surface Creations we help cut through all the mess and clear things up. We offer pretty much everything available which gives us a unique ability to share with you the pros and cons of each material. Many places you may go to only offer a one or two options therefore try to force you in that direction. We ultimately want you to be happy, so that you are thrilled to share with your friends, because that is how we continue to grow. So check out what we have to offer, and please ask as many questions as you want, we love the challenge.

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Free Stainless Sink with every 30 square feet or more of granite or quartz kitchen top.

Not some cheapy thing either...with three shapes to choose from.

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Our Fans

Hi Guys,

Thanks so much for a great job well done.  I think of our beautiful new countertop as a piece of jewelry adding just the right accent to a new outfit.

I was gone before you had finished, but when I got home, I had running water.  Jeff and I were greatly impressed with the service you provided.  Life would be so much nicer if all service people were like you were.

Take Care...Rita & Jeff